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Short-term Rentals could raid your wallet

Short-term Rentals in Las Vegas could your wallet

Could owning a short-term rental property in Las Vegas raid your wallet? Las Vegas area Realtors are noting an increased volume of inquiries from clients who need assistance with locating and purchasing investment real estate.  What’s new is the intended investor use! The intention is to operate a Vacation Rental business. Because of do it yourself vacation websites, the trend now is to establish a Vacation Rental business for the newly acquired investment home or condominium.  These potential investors see an opportunity to cash in on the Las Vegas housing market from a rental income perspective.  This interest has been fueled by the National Football League’s “NFL” approval to allow the Oakland Raiders to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2020.  Joined by other #VegasBorn professional sports teams such as; NHL’s Las Vegas Golden Knights, WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces, and American Soccer League’s Las Vegas Lights FC.

As a result Las Vegas Realtors are having to educate would be real estate investors about the legalities for short-term residential rental businesses in many Las Vegas communities.

What is a short-term residential rental?

Short-term rentals are generally defined as the renting of residential property such as a house, townhome, condominium, spare room, or casita on a weekly or nightly basis. Typically for a period of less than thirty (30) consecutive days.  Investors often advertise their rentals on vacation websites such as and which can be the dead giveaway to uninformed investors.

Are short-term rentals legal in Las Vegas, Nevada?

The answer may surprise you because Las Vegas is one of the most recognized tourism cities in the world! Leasing residential property known as “short-term rentals” for a period less than thirty (30) consecutive calendar days has been prohibited in Clark County, Nevada since 1998.  The City of Las Vegas may grant a Special Use Permit provided the property meets specific guidelines required by city.  Furthermore the property cannot be located in a Home Owner’s Association.  Contact the City of Las Vegas to clarify any questions you may have.  The City of Henderson prohibits short-term rentals altogether.

Neighbors arguably have safety and privacy concerns and therefore report their suspicions to respective municipalities.  City officials are imposing penalties on homeowners who illegally operate short-term rentals “aka” vacation rentals.  An uninformed investor can be fined up to $1,000 per day in Clark County, Nevada.

Feel free to contact the applicable City office listed below to obtain more detailed information regarding rules that pertain to short-term rentals:

  • Boulder City – (702) 293-9202
  • City of Henderson – (702) 267-2323
  • City of Las Vegas – (702) 229-6011
  • City of Mesquite – (702) 346-5295
  • City of North Las Vegas (702) 633-1000

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