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New homes are simply “brand spanking” new!  No one has ever resided in a new construction home.  You get to be the first resident!  New Homes are constructed using the latest design trends; open concept floor plans, multi-generational features, building materials, and energy efficiency

Time to Build a New Home

A new production home may take anywhere from three to eight months to be built. New construction builders are required to adhere to current city and proper zoning inspections before advancing to the next phase of construction.

Buyers may be surprised to learn that the cost per square foot to build a new home may be on par with the cost of a resale home given location, size, and type.

Upgrades will increase the base price of a new home. Builders vary on standard features vs options and upgrades for example; lot size, structural improvements, exterior elevation, balcony or patio, an island in the kitchen, or sliding doors and interior improvements such as; upgraded flooring, hard surface countertops, or electrical packages will ratchet up the base price of a new home.

How to Buy a New Home in Las Vegas

Did you know that when you tour a new home community without a Realtor, you are considered to be “unrepresented” if you decide to make a purchase. The representatives you see at the sales office are employed by the Builder for that housing community. By contracting to work with Teresa she becomes your Realtor. She goes to work for you as your advocate to ensure your real estate goals are realized.