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How Teresa assists Nevada Homebuyers

Teresa conducts an initial interview with the future homebuyer either in person or over the phone. From there an appointment is scheduled at her office where the prospective buyer is able to meet Teresa in person. She asks thorough and pertinent questions that specifically hone in on what the buyer's goals and objectives are for homeownership. At the end of this meeting both Teresa and the future homeowner can determine whether or not they are a "fit" to move forward. If there is a "yes" on both sides then Teresa will get to work; prepare a Duties Owed and Broker Agreement that the buyer signs, obtain proof of funds and/or mortgage pre-approval from a mortgage banker licensed in Nevada, create a search of available homes; new construction and resale that meet the buyers criteria, prepare the Residential Purchase Agreement, obtain necessary buyer signatures, submit offer for seller acceptance, open escrow, work with buyer through closing process, including; home inspections, appraisals, coordinating with mortgage banker, listing agent, appraisals, secure common interest community "aka" homeowner association resale documents, repairs, assist transfer of utilities, attend escrow settlement. There are many other essential behind the scene tasks that must be accomplished in order to achieve a successful close of escrow, but know that Teresa and her team work diligently on behalf of their customers to make the buyer's dreams of homeownership become a reality.

How Teresa assists Sellers in Nevada

Seller's will always want the highest and best price for their property. Teresa's job is to maintain objectivity when working with sellers. This process begins by conducting a property evaluation using recent sold market comparables for like homes when compared to the homeowner's property irrespective if the home is a primary residence, second home, or investment property. Teresa and the homeowner will review market data together to determine the initial list price for the property. Properties listed at the right price traditionally sell the fastest and yield the highest fair market price. Local real estate markets are "local" meaning many components factor in as to why a buyer will ultimately decide to purchase your property as opposed to the house across the street or in a suburb such as Summerlin in Las Vegas vs. Green Valley in Henderson. Teresa's experience can help a seller see potential challenges that may hinder a timely sale. For example is the home functionally obsolete, or what a can a new home offer as opposed to your 20 year old home? Recommend repairs or stage the home to make it more appealing to potential homebuyers. Develop a marketing strategy designed specifically to sell the home in the least amount of time that delivers the best possible price given local real estate market conditions. Once an offer is received and accepted by the seller then Teresa's work continues throughout the closing process including but not limited to; opening escrow, assist seller with ordering common interest community "aka" homeowner association resale documents for buyer review and approval, work with buyer's real estate agent and mortgage lender to ensure contract compliance, appraisal status, coordinate seller's transition out of home, walk through, transfer of utilities and keys, attend settlement, along with many other duties and responsibilities that ensure a successful outcome for the seller.

Teresa's Bio

Teresa started her real estate career in 1986 working as an escrow agent for several local and national escrow and title companies for 11 years in Las Vegas, Nevada. After that she spent a decade working with real estate investors as an exchange facilitator. Licensed since 2001 by the Nevada Real Estate Division and member of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, Teresa transitioned as a full-time Realtor in 2010. Teresa is an approved faculty instructor by the Nevada Real Estate Division at Windermere Prestige Properties.