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How do I Qualify to Rent a house in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada

How do I qualify to rent a house in Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada? The requirements to qualify for a rental property is not necessarily dependent upon a tenant applicant’s credit score. A landlord or property manager typically wants to know that the future tenant does not have any prior evictions from a previous residence.  The next benchmark that a tenant applicant must meet upon crossing the tenant eviction hurdle is income.  At a minimum the prospective tenant’s gross monthly salary must be three times the requested rent payment. For example; if the landlord is requesting $1,000 per month in rent, then your gross income per month needs to be at least $3,000 per month. Expect to provide your most recent last two paycheck stubs for income verification purposes. If you are retired or disabled a letter of benefits from the source of payment along with bank statements should suffice.  You may be requested to provide a copy of your state issued identification such as a driver’s license. These are the general requirements for a tenant applicant. Additional information may be requested by the landlord or property manager.

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